Private Instruction


Behaviors addressed include: house-training, jumping, digging, chewing, destructiveness in general, fear, separation anxiety, and aggression. We rely primarily on reward-based methods instead of punishment for behavior modification and work to minimize the use of adverse stimuli. Private Training is scheduled in your home.  You will receive an initial consultation and a follow up appointment as well as unlimited email support. 

Feisty Fido Instruction

Do you have a feisty Fido that is leash reactive?  Barking and lunging on walks is frustrating for owners and makes for an unpleasant walk for the dog. We can help you.  Through counter conditioning and good leash skills, you and your dog can enjoy walks.  Are you too busy to work on leash reactivity?  Robin can walk your dog and train.  Behavior modification includes force free science based methods that are proven to work and do not use fear, pain or intimidation. 

Therapy Dog Preparation

We provide evaluations and training to prepare you and your dog to test as a registered therapy dog.  Robin’s focus is on preparing you to pass the test for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.