Puppy Classes



Our puppy classes are for friendly puppies that have had two sets of vaccines and are ages 9-20 weeks. We offer a family friendly basic obedience class with an emphasis on incorporating class lessons into your everyday life. With the focus on building a positive relationship with your dog, you will learn the basic foundational skills to help your dog become an integral part of your family life.

Behavior problems that dogs usually encounter during this age period are also addressed. We teach handling exercises, housetraining, and how to handle issues such as bite inhibition, jumping, chewing. Your dog will learn: “sit”, “down”, “come”, “stay”, recall, loose leash walking, and lessons in self-control. We will teach you how to make training a part of your everyday life at home. Your dog will learn good house manners and polite greetings. Good canine etiquette and behavior create an adaptable well-adjusted dog.

Our puppy classes incorporate force-free science-based, positive reinforcement dog training.  We do not use pinch collars, choke chains, e-collars or any type of force or intimidation when training puppies. Training works by using praise and positive actions or rewards instead of punishment to teach a puppy right from wrong.

You will learn to re-direct the behaviors you don’t want and reinforce the behaviors you do want. The key with this type of puppy training is to determine what motivates your puppy and use that motivator as a reward upon correct performance. In our classes we use training treats, toys, physical affection, verbal praise or a combination of any of those, to reward the puppies for correct behavior.

Puppy classes are 60-90 minutes, are held weekly for 4 weeks and include educational materials.  Our classes include off-leash playtime as socialization is key to a well-adjusted dog.