Any dog showing true or ritualized aggression toward another dog or human being is best suited for private instruction. Clients asked to leave class due to an aggression issue will be given the prorated balance of their class fee in the form of a credit for in-home training.


A required non-refundable deposit of 1/4th of the class fee is expected at time of class registration, with the balance of the class registration fee due on the first day of class. Refunds are not given after classes begin. Missing more than two classes will be considered dropping out. There are no refunds for missed classes.


My Best Buddy Dog Training requires all dogs be current on vaccinations according to age for DHPP, Rabies and Bordatella. Vet records will need to be presented on the first day of class. We are aware of varying opinions regarding canine vaccinations. Certain exceptions will be made with written documentation from your veterinarian.


We encourage all family members to attend group classes. In the interest of safety for humans and canines, please follow these guidelines:

• Children must be under parental control at all times. Unless the child is training the family dog, s/he must remain seated during class.  Children may not wander around unattended during class. Please keep your children seated unless instructed to do otherwise.

• Parents must supervise their children during the entire class. It is not possible to supervise both a dog and a young child. Children under 10 will require having another adult in class supervising them.

• No running or yelling will be permitted, before during or after classes.

• Please remember that not all dogs are comfortable or friendly with children. Bites happen far more quickly than adults can react. Children may not approach or pet other dogs in class other than their own dogs unless invited to do so by the class instructor.