About Robin

“The relationship you have with your dog should be based on respect and love: not fear, pain, or intimidation.’’

— Robin Sockness, Professional Dog Trainer


Robin and KaeJae

Robin Sockness, a former resident of Fayette County for 20 years, now residing in Sharpsburg (Coweta County), has been working with animals her entire life. She knew from childhood that she had a natural attraction to dogs and the psychology of how they operate and relate to the world. She grew up in a home where her parents both rescued dozens of dogs, rehabilitated them and made them wonderful family pets. She is an active volunteer with JCCARE, a Japanese Chin Rescue Group and CAREing Paws, a therapy dog organization. She empowers people to create a happy, healthy relationship with their dogs. Robin teaches classes and provides private consultations which teach dog owners how to implement a behavior modification program suited for their specific needs based on the science of how dogs learn.  Robin and her husband have three dogs:  KaeJae, a Jack Russell terrier mix, Katie and KiKu, who are Japanese Chins and are registered therapy dogs.  Robin and the girls are
active volunteers with CAREing Paws, a statewide group of registered pet therapy teams.


Robin’s Training Approach

Robin is known for her calm, but assertive and enthusiastic approach to canine training and behavioral concerns. She takes pride in getting to know every owner and every dog. She educates pet owners to use problem solving skills that foster life-long positive relationships with their dogs. That bond is built on trust, compassion and acceptance for the dog’s individual personality.  Her approach uses  gentle, non-aggressive techniques and positive reinforcement. She offers practical training that covers real-life situations and environments.


Robin and Katie

Why Positive Reinforcement?
◦    It teaches your dog what you want from him instead of punishing what you don’t want.
◦    It makes training more enjoyable for you and your dog.
◦    It makes your dog want to learn.
◦    It builds an amazing relationship between you and your dog.
◦    Dogs, like people, do not learn when they are in pain or afraid.

“I’d like to recommend Robin Sockness’ services as dog trainer.  Well-behaved pets are a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to own.  Owners are proud to show off what their trained pets can do when they come in for visits to the clinic or when visiting with friends and family at home.  For a well-trained dog, contact Robin Sockness and My Best Buddy Dog Training!”

Chris Schwenk, DVM
The Animal Medical Clinic of Fairburn

“As a practicing veterinarian in the Peachtree City area, I am pleased to have a dog trainer and behaviorist to be able to work with and recommend to my clients. I have been very satisfied with the conscientious approach Robin has taken with the clients I’ve referred. The feedback I’ve gotten from my clients about her training has been great.

I will continue to strongly recommend Robin to my clients for new puppy training and problem dog behavior.”

Daryl Rickard DVM
Braelinn Animal Hospital

Robin is a member of APDT, and the Pet Professional Guild.ProudMembers Badge